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Our company Dongguan Yinte Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, has been a pioneer exporter of various CNC machining parts and has helped to enable different industries that use these parts respective uses. The machining parts that Yinte offers are built on the basis of modern technology, and we aspire to provide the highest quality equipment to our clients. We, as the leading manufacturers, identify the importance of the use of different precision parts to achieve the utmost accuracy in various industries throughout the world. China brass precision parts exporter circle is diverse, and at Yinte, we ensure we stand out in the business with our top-quality precision parts that are built from scratch to satisfy the changing needs of modern times.

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With state of art production facility, we take pride in providing the quality of the highest standard guaranteed.


Sep 29,2022

Why You Should Use Plastic CNC Machining for Your Part Production

Plastic CNC machining has been gathering a lot of attention recently, and with good reason. With the ability to process larger and smaller parts, plastic has become a great option for the production of high-quality parts. This is because it's extremely durable – allowing companies to produce products for decades without ever having to worry about them falling apart or cracking.   Top reasons to use plastic CNC machining for part production    Cost-Effectiveness   In today's business environment, cost-effectiveness is a key factor in the success of any company. Plastic CNC machining is one of the best ways to help your business reduce its costs.   For example, consider the case of a small manufacturer that wants to increase its production capacity by 25%. The company has to hire new employees, purchase new equipment and increase the size of its building. All these expenses would be necessary if it were not for plastic CNC machining.   The company will save money by using plastic CNC machining instead of traditional manufacturing techniques. For example, if an employee who had been working on manual production was replaced by an employee who had been trained in plastic CNC machining, then the cost per unit produced would decrease because there is less manual labor involved with each product created.     Fast Turnaround Time   The fast turnaround time and high precision of plastic CNC machining is the main reason for the increasing popularity of plastic CNC machining. With the help of plastic CNC machining, you can develop part prototypes in a short time. It will save you time and money for the tooling production.   Smooth Finisher   The most important benefit of plastic CNC machining is the fact that it allows you to get a smoother finish on your part. The process has been used by many companies in the past, and it is one of the main reasons why they are so successful. There are many other benefits as well, such as being able to produce parts with less material or using lower-cost materials.     Hold Tighter Tolerances   Plastic CNC machining is a great way to produce parts with tighter tolerances. Plastic CNC machining can be the best option for you if you are trying to produce a part that requires very tight tolerances.   Tight tolerances are not just about the tolerance of your part. If you have an inexperienced operator working on a job, there is a chance that they will not be able to keep the parts within the tolerance range. This could lead to errors in your work and cause problems during production.   When using plastic CNC machining, you can ensure that your parts have tight tolerances by adjusting the machine so that it has less room for error. With this method, you can ensure that all of your parts come out perfectly even, which will make them far more durable than if they were produced by manual methods such as milling or drilling.   Conclusion   The reason why you should use plastic CNC machining is that it will save you time and money and lower your production costs. All of these things will help your company feel more confident in its decision to purchase a plastic CNC machine.

Sep 27,2022

How Strong Is CNC Aluminum and Why They Are in Demand?

Aluminum is known to be the purest chemical element that is soft, malleable and a non-magnetic metal that is silver-white. However, this is the type of element that is used in its most pure form. When it comes to aluminum, it is usually alloyed with various different types of metals that are in the form of manganese, copper, and magnesium, which are used to form hundreds of alloys of aluminum that have various improved properties.    The parts that are made up of aluminum alloy are the type of parts that are high in terms of strength. It is known for its good plasticity, excellent electrical conductivity, and resistance to corrosion. In the case of the machining of aluminum alloy parts and CNC machined aluminum parts, processing of aluminum is done through lathes and a CNC computer, and subsequent machining could be in the form of sandblasting, polishing, drawing wires, electroplating, spraying, and anodizing, laser carving, etc. based upon the needs. Considering the requirement. The appearance of the aluminum alloy part is full of unique metal texture, it is light in terms of weight, it has a strong heat dissipation, and it is seen to be used in various different industries because of its incredible properties that are in the form of:   Machinability    Aluminum is a type of metal that can be formed easily as it can be processed and machined by conducting a variety of processes. This is because of the fact that it is soft in nature and can be shattered easily. Since it is soft, it can be cut ad quickly easily with a machine tool. Compared to metal like steel, aluminum seems to be a cheaper metal that requires lesser power. These are the features of aluminum that make it a great option that could be helpful for the mechanics and the customers who order parts. In addition to it, the good machinability of aluminum means that there is less deformation of the aluminum during the time when processing is being done. This results in properties like high accuracy and allows CNC machines to obtain a higher level of tolerance because of the fact that the processing results in a higher level of accuracy.    Strength To Weight Ratio   When it comes to aluminum parts are the parts that have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum is about one-third of the density of steel. Thus, we see that the demand for aluminum has increased as the material is known for its high strength but is light in terms of weight. Both these are the characteristics that are ideally used in the manufacturing process of critical parts that are usually used in the automotive and aerospace industry and the automotive industry. However, there are various different grades of aluminum that are used in various different applications according to their specifications and properties. The properties of aluminum make it an excellent choice for aerospace and marine applications.    Corrosion Resistance   Aluminum is famous because of the fact that it has a property that it is anti-scratch and anti-corrosion properties under conditions that could be as common as oceans and atmospheric conditions. These are the properties that one can enhance by the process of anodizing. It is suggested that one should know that the resistance in corrosion varies with different grades of aluminum as they all have different types of properties according to the grading that they belong to.    Can Withstand Temperature Changes    Steel and aluminum are the types of products that are associated with the fact that they have been popular for several years. These are the type of metals that are known for the unique benefits that are associated with them. These are the features that make steel the most popular option that could be used in various applications. When we talk about the durability of the material, it is considered the most popular type of material as it is highly durable. However, in the case of the changes in temperature, we get to see that steel is usually not a preferred option as it can neither stand high temperatures nor it can stand low temperatures. However, when it is compared with aluminum, we see that it is a metal that can easily withstand both of these conditions.    Aluminum retains its softness, ductility, and strength even at very low temperatures.    Conductivity   When we talk about the conductivity of aluminum, we get to see that aluminum approximately shows a conductivity of 37.7 Siemen per meter. The electrical conductivity of aluminum alloy may be considered lower than that of pure aluminum. However, electrical conductivity is sufficient for their parts to be used in various different electrical components. 

Why Choose Yinte’s Brass Precision Parts?

Precision parts are an essential tool in today’s world; every industry from aerospace to the automobile uses one or the other type of precision parts to achieve their required level of perfection and quality. The precision parts help the manufacturers to ensure high-quality standards and get the desired results in a minimum course of time. The type of precision parts used in an industry might vary on the type of application that is required to be executed. Our skilful team at Yinte Precision Machinery focuses on maintaining international standards, so our machining parts are capable of meeting the requirements of different industries. The material of the machining parts might vary depending on the area of application and the demands of our valued customers. China brass precision parts exporter circle is versatile and maintaining our space in the market our goal as an established exporter is to provide the best prices for our products and develop a long-lasting bond with our partners for a sustainable and prosperous future. We aim to lead the China brass precision parts exporter market from the front and in that row, our utmost priority is to meet the needs of our valued customers.

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